About Us

Kahlua Bay is your supplier for everything non-food. We are locally owned and operated which means we not only sell to you but we support you and want you to be successful. Our main goal is to provide you with good products, reasonable pricing, and unbeatable service.

We began as the only company in the Tennessee area to provide juices on a gun system.  The company expanded into sodas with our own brand name products including the infamous Kahlua Kola, Kahlua Diet, and Kahlua Klear.  Coming a long way since then, we are now a leader in the Bag-N-Box juice industry and the regional distributor for RC Cola, 7UP, Dr Pepper, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew.

A full line of products has elevated Kahlua Bay as a single source supplier to our customers.  The sales representatives like to tell customers that Kahlua Bay provides everything a restaurant or nightclub needs to run their business except food.

Kahlua Bay has one main goal – driven by our customer's main goal.  We hope you will give us a call to see how we can help achieve that main goal in your business.

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